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European Wild Boars

The European wild boars have a body similar with the bison's body but it is heavier and higher in the shoulders region. The boar's body is covered with coarse, thin hair. In most cases, wild boars are black but in some cases, they can be brown or silver-gray. The boars are born with stripes from their nose to the tail which will fade when the boar reaches six up to nine weeks old. Wild boars are known to inhabit in lots of different areas which, in some cases, is quite annoying as these animals do a lot of harm to the nature.
As far as the reproduction is concerned, the males are capable of breeding year round. Female boars are able of farrowing any month. Most of the female boar farrow only once per year, but there are some cases (when food is abundant for example) when some of the sows may give birth to more than one litter per year. At about one year, permanent tusks start growing; their sexual maturity is reached in their first year of life. Their longevity is known to be around 10 years but there were cases in which some European boars lived for even 27 years.

European hogs may be active both during day and night. In the warmer months (summer time) they are most active during the night in order to avoid the daytime heat. Their movements are in most cases nomadic and are brought about by the availability of food. Wild boars are known to have a very developed sense of hearing and smell. They don't usually roam in groups.

European wild boars are omnivores but they will eat practically anything : beetles, snails, caterpillars, walking-sticks and many others as well. The wild boar has very few predators; bobcats prey on young boars while both young and mature boars may be preyed by coyotes and black bears. As far as the European continent is concerned, wild boars are usually found in large areas of forest. The European boars usually make their shelters by cutting along the grass and crawling under it in order to lift it, so that it will become entangled with the tall herbage around to form canopies. Grunts, chirrups and squeaks are used by boars to communicate one with each other.

The European boar (and the other boar species as well) has very bad eyesight; the only color they can recognize from the three primary ones is blue. Wild boars are known to be very good swimmers and can swim long distances. The density of the European wild boars is below 5 animals per sq km; but when supplementary food is given, the density can be higher. (for example, in a forest in Poland, the density is about 10 animals per sq km).

The European wild boar isn't very different in comparison with other wild boars, resemblances are very easy to find: they will eat just about everything, their appearance is basically the same and the bad part is that they do the same harm as the other hogs.