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Wild Hog Hunting Dogss

Wild boar hunting could be done with hunting dogs, as they have a good sense of smell and incredible abilities to run long distances and get involved in the hunt. You must know what kind of dogs you want to take with you, as there are different activities (trailing or catching) which do not have the same requirements.

Trailing dogs must follow the wild boar's scent on the ground and in the air. They have a greater freedom of movement and must lead the hunter to the place where the hog is. Such a dog must be intelligent and constant in its work, until it reaches the animal's location.

Breeds such as the Walker Coonhound, Mountain View Cur and the Lithuanian Hound are known to be very active and perfect for trailing, as they were bred for a life of action. They are known to be able to run long distances and have a great sense of smell, which is very important in trailing.
Walker Coonhound
The breed has mobile and very powerful shoulders. In comparison to the head, the ears are quite large. The dog's forelegs are straight and long. This dog is good with children and also he finds his place among other dogs. The best way to train these animals is by the power of example. Walker's feet are solid and compact not to mention well padded. The tail is set high and it is strong at the root.

Mountain View Cur
A very active breed that needs lots of exercise. Due to the fact that these dogs have a very developed scenting ability they are perfect for hunting but also, as an interesting fact, police uses these dogs for drug controls and also for search and rescue missions. Known to be very efficient for boar hunting but also squirrel and raccoon hunts. These dogs love children and have a very good disposition.

Lithuanian Hound
A fast, energetic and agile dog. Very hard working dog, stamina is one of his major qualities. Another important quality is that he is very ambitious, always trying to satisfy his master. He has very good movement abilities and a beautiful unique voice. The dog is very robust, muscular and well proportioned. The Lithuanian Hound needs a lot of exercise ... so keeping it indoor is not a good option for this type of dog.

The dogs used for catching must be strong and fit, prepared to fight and do their best in order to accomplish the owner's orders. It is important to have a good stamina and ability to work. As wild hogs become more aggressive when they realize that they are hunt, catch dogs must be ready to face them. It is a good idea to protect such dogs with body armor.

They usually aim for the boar's head, seizing its ear. Once they have the control of the boar, they will immobilize it until the hunter comes. Some top choices would be the American Bulldog, the Alano Espanol and the Dogo Argentino, which are very strong, intelligent and energetic dogs.
American Bulldog
Highly recommended for boar hunting because these dogs are very ambitious, perseverant and will do everything in their power to satisfy their master. Well-known for their ability to run for a long time; stamina is one of their strongest points next to intelligence and ability to work. Also good for raccoon, squirrel and bear hunting. Highly recommended among professional hunters.
Alano Espanol
This dog can easily climb trees as they have a very developed cat-like ability; also they can leap quite high even on a standing position. This breed is good with children and also, something which hunters appreciate, they will do everything in their power to please their master. Very recommended for hunting and tracking but also, thanks to the fact that they are powerful dogs, good for weight pulling.
Dogo Argentino
The Dogo Argentino, also known as the Argentinian Mastiff or the Argentine Dogo, is a very muscular dog with a short and sleek coat that is also thick and always has a white color. The dog's head is convex in the front and with a moderate stop. The jaws are remarkably tenacious and strong while the skull is massive. The muzzle usually has the about same length as the skull. The dog's teeth should meet in a scissors bite and the ears are customarily docked.

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