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Wild Boar Night Hunting

This article is intended for those of you that didn't hunt hogs during the night and are avid of obtaining a couple of useful tips and tricks. First and foremost, check with your state's regulations in order to find out if you are legally allowed to hunt wild boars during the night as in some states in the U.S, this sort of activity is prohibited.

Experts in the domain recommend that you set your feeder timer to throw corn at whatever time of the night you prefer in order to get the hogs acclimated to showing up during that specific time. It would be best to set the feeder to throw corn a second time 30 or 60 minutes later - this way you can keep them used to eating at specific times every night, think of it as "training" the hogs.
Regardless if you hunt using a rifle or a good old-fashioned traditional bow, it is advisable to buy a good feeder light (don't get cheap as this isn't one of the places where you should save money) along with a reliable remote control for the feeder. With the help of this remote, you will be capable of attracting the scared hogs back for a second shot - some of them can be persuaded to come back immediately or even up to one hour later, thus giving you some a serious advantage if you are patient enough. You should know that when they return they might come from a different direction - an entire group could move in on you while you are waiting, so pay attention to everything that is going on around you.

As a general rule that you shouldn't forget at any given moment, always attempt to keep the wind in your face to increase your chances. Why? Well, mostly because hogs some of the most difficult animals to hunt if you don't take into consideration the wind direction and your scent. Camo is not really necessary during the night so you can basically wear anything that you want as long as it is comfortable and will not restrain you from hunting efficiently.

For those of you that use a rifle when hog hunting during the long hours of the night, an efficient rifle scope is imperative as it will dramatically increase your efficiency, especially if you are new to this type of hunting (which isn't for the faint of hearted). Go for one that has an illuminated reticle, this way you will be capable to make out the scope's black crosshairs against a dark-colored background, like a black boar for example.

Get a bow sight light if you still hunt the old fashioned way and you will be able to see the pins on the sight once you get drawn. Experts recommend getting a medium-to-large peep sight in order to make sure that you have sufficient light and an accurate sight picture when you are ready to make a shot.

By using a good momentary target illuminator you can prepare for the shot with any given hunting rifle by simply pressing the pressure sensitive switch to light the animal up once you get your gun scope settled on it. After you have shot a hog (during the night), we advise you to put a Shot Spot-R which, in case you do not know, is a shot laser pointer that a hunter can easily clip on a stand or a tree in order to mark the last place he/she saw a boar or point to the zone where the animal was standing right before the hunter made the shot.

The very next moment you have found any sign of hit, it is advisable to use some illumitacks (LED preferably) for marking the spot on a tree, fence, cactus or grass. As you move forward, you could put more of these (if you have enough of them) right until you recover the game. After finding the wild boar, it is recommended to mark the spot with an illumitack and go back and retrieve your equipment or come back with help for loading up the boar.

As you can see, wild boar night hunting certainly isn't a piece of cake, add to this the increased difficulty of hunting these massive animals during the night, and you get one of the most dangerous hunting games in the world, along with pursuing rhinos and elephants.