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How To Build A Hog Trap

First of all, here are the things that you will need in order to build a hog trap: four wood corner posts, three 2x4s that are 8 inches long, a heavy gauge chain link fencing, wood staples, two barn hinges, 3x3 galvanized sheet metal, 3-inch iron L bracket, fence ties, a hammer, screwdriver and a post hole digger.
Your first step would be to figure out where the trap should be placed. It should be placed near a night-time feeding area. The ground should be freshly turned with tracks of different sizes. Look for the areas that are in the nearby vicinity of a swamp or any other type of wet spot. Next, dig four holes with the post hole digger.

The holes should have a 3x6 rectangle shape and be 3 ft. deep. Set the corner poles in place and refill the holes.

After completing the first step, you now need to install 2x4 railing near the top of the corner post. These 2x4s must be nailed 36-inches above the ground. This will be the bracing for the hog trap walls and the trap door.

Next, install the floor and cut a section of fencing 2-inches longer than the length of the boar trap. Lay this fencing inside of the posts with one inch extending beyond each post. You must bend the overlap up the walls on the two long sides and the rear of the boar trap. You will have to make sure that the front lays flat with the ground. After that, nail the overlap to the corner posts. Your fourth step would be to install the fence walls on three sides of the trap, and leave the short door side open. Place the bottom on the ground and the floor should overlap by one inch all the way around. You will have to nail the walls along each post and at several spots along the top rail. For securing the floor to the walls, you should use fence ties.

In the fifth step of this process you will have to build the trap door by cutting a section of galvanized sheet metal in order to fit inside the open end of the boar trap. This door must measure 35 inches long and must be as wide as the spaces between the posts. In addition, the metal has to be able to swing freely inside the hog trap. You will also have to screw a section of iron L bracket along the bottom of the door as it will provide enough weight to prevent the animals from escaping. Next, screw the hinges across the door's top.

Your penultimate step would be to install the door of the trap. In order to do so, set the door in place with the hinges in the upright position. Next, screw the hinges in place. Your finished product will have the door just barely resting on the ground. The trap's bottom must touch the ground in order to prevent hogs from pushing the door out. You'll have to test the door to be certain that it opens freely. If the door is heavy, you can prop it up with a broom handle or a stick. In this case, the hogs must bump into the stick, which will release the trap's door.

Lastly, bait the trap with slop or corn. The hogs will smell it and hopefully, push their way through the door. Once they are inside, the door will fall, trapping them inside.

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