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Wild Hog Snares

Snaring wild hogs is not that different in comparison to snaring other animals. Try to think of it as trying to snare a 300 lbs. that wants to attack you. The secret is to set the choke points in active trails. In other words, the trails that are beat down to the point that they look just like a narrow and muddy path which leads into or coming out of the thickest cover in the area. You need to know that there are high percentage set areas and these are the ones which you should be looking for when searching for a snaring area.

Wild boars are creatures of habit and they will definitely use the exact same trails as before, as long as there is enough food for them. It is advisable to choose neck catches as when the hog hits the end of the cable, he will most likely try to push through a cable with a very hard lunge. When he does this, the lock will probably bend and crimp the cable in the lock. When several lunges do not free them, they will attempt to back out of the loop and they're most likely winded and will eventually lie down.

Experts in the domain recommend putting wild hog snares in holes in the fences that the wild hogs are using. You should tie the snare to a big stump or a tree trunk that is not attached to the ground. However, be careful as you can catch all kind of animals, from porcupines to coons.

You need to know that there aren't any snares available on the market that will guarantee you a live catch on a hog. A live one has a device that allows the snare loop to close to a predetermined size. As you know by now, hogs come in various sizes so attempting to determine a closure loop size that would work on all of them is virtually impossible, but this doesn't mean that wild boars cannot be successfully live snared.

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