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Wild Hog Baits

Baiting hogs is considered by many as the most significant step a hunter must do when pursuing these large animals. Caution must be taken when you do this because in some areas of the United States baiting is prohibited. The technique of baiting was designed in order to alter the patterns of the wild boar/hog so that they would match the hunters' needs and is accomplished by using corn or any other food substance that makes the animal come into a particular area chosen by the hunter.
The list can be quite long when picking out hog baits as it looks like just about everyone has its own theory of what works best. Some of the most popular baits include sour corn or home brew with jell-o / beer. It is common knowledge among hog hunters that good bait is one that is noisy, like crunchy corn. Also good hog bait is one that raccoons do not like. A blend of diesel & corn or milo & corn & diesel works great. The recipe for such a mixture is one quart of diesel to five gallons of corn. However, you can add more diesel if you want to. Keep in mind that the mixture mustn't soak.

Some recommend filling a bucket with corn and a couple of three skunded beers. After that, add some water in order to top off and then cover and let it cook in sun until the smell gets terrible. Others suggest using sweet feed for horses, the kind with plenty of molasses in it. Using sour mil bought from your local dairy also works wonders. Pour it into the ground and it should do the trick.

If none of the above has worked for you, another good move would be to get old produce from the local supermarket. Using the rinds of watermelons and cantaloupes also works like magic as hogs really love them. In addition, you could also get plums, grapes, avocados, apples, strawberries and pears. Run a couple of these fruits on the side of a few trees so that you get the scent out over the hunting area.

Some of the experts in this domain say that Kool-Aid pre-sugared powder in strawberry or cherry, with just about enough water to turn it into a paste, is one of the best hog baits. Maple waffle syrup and molasses also work well, give it a try. Basically, mixing any type of bait that you can find with diesel should work and will serve multiple purposes. First, hogs will definitely enjoy how it smells and it will also keep away other non-target animals, like raccoons, deer or live stock.

Other suggestions would be to use some types of baits near telephone pole cutoffs, keeping the hogs to come back to rub on the creosote oil. You could also try using 4-ounce packages of wildberry Jello. They are very easy to carry around in comparison to a 50-pound bag of corn. Just dust a few poles with this in the areas where you want to conduct your future hunting adventure. One package can be used to several areas if you are one of those hunters that like to move around.

Top 5 Amazon Hog Baits

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