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Wild Hog Calling

The wild hog is no different than any other wild animal - this means that in order to become a good caller, you will have to understand its language and most importantly, have a call that mimics those sounds. It is the same with a duck, a turkey, a deer, and definitely it is the same way with a wild boar.

They are known for having a very developed social behavior and language and for this reason, there isn't any call available at the moment on the market that can accurately mimic the vocalizations of the wild boar other than a squealing piglet. Although there are plenty of grunt calls available out there and most of us think that they sound just about the same, wild boars will "feel" different. Most of these grunt calls will do nothing better than to scare the boars away.
There are some calls on the market that are capable of gaining the curiosity of a wild boar like rabbit squealers for example, which will sometimes bring in a boar, just as some pig squealers will do. However, most of the time these calls do not work and grunters are the worst kind.

One should use electronic recordings of actual boars which over the years have proved to be significantly more efficient than the traditional calls. Pig squealing is what you should select as it brings out the most significant results. If this doesn't work, try some "hogs feeding" sounds.

Regardless of the calling device that you have, we recommend that you use it in a series of sharp bursts. Use a call that can emulate either the sound of a large hog in distress, a low and lengthy squeal, as this will attract other hogs. You could also use a call that imitates the sounds of a sow that is trying to attract the male boars.

Hog calling can work more efficiently if you have patterned a drift of hogs in your hunting area. Make a few calls a little bit earlier than the time hogs normally show up. In addition, keep the calls short and do not wail away too long. In some cases, you will be able to get them to come running, especially a sow that has piglets. The bigger boars are in most cases cautious and will circle downwind in order to catch the scent of the so-called "feeder".

Some have been using squealer calls with a good rate of success. If you have one or are planning to purchase, blow it for 4-5 minutes and after that wait about 10. If they do not come, move to another location and give it a try once again. In most cases, you will not have to move more than four times until you get lucky.

Lastly, regardless of where you plan on hunting and using calls, practice first (taking into consideration the wind direction). If you buy a call and head on straight in the hunting field, you will most likely scare away the hogs, rather than attracting them into the rifle's sight. There are plenty of calls out there, while some work and others don't, it is vital to master the art of using the wild hog call.

Hog Calling Videos