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Russian Wild Boars

Basically, the russian boar is the same with the wild boars you will find in the rest of Europe, some parts of Asia and in Northern Africa. The main difference between the authentic russian wild boars and the rest is the size. Lots of mature males reach staggering weights of 440 to 660 lbs. (approximately 200 up to 300 kilos); in rare occasions, even over 770 lbs (approximately 350 kilos). Although their home land is Russia, the density of the wild boar populations is not the highest there in comparison with the rest of Europe or in Asia's muslin countries.
A piece of advice for those hunters who are planning on taking out these large animals: when confronted, they can become very aggressive, so be more than attentive in order not to have any unpleasant surprises. In the early season, hunts are conducted from stands placed close to the wild boars preferred grounds, with other words, different crop fields. The best way to hunt these animals in winter time is by ground driven hunts.

The russian wild boars also known as the Razorback are quite different from the normal pigs. They have very thick hair all over their entire body. Another thing that makes them different is that they grow tusks which, in most cases, can measure up to several inches and are used for self-defense and foraging.

The Razorback are omnivores but will eat almost anything they find. The russian wild boar has a very developed sense of hearing and smelling.

Russian hogs are considered to be dangerous animals in many countries because they do a lot of damage - destroying lands by making nesting zones or while foraging for food. Also, the populations of quails and wild turkeys have diminished as wild boars have the bad habit of eating their eggs. These animals are known to carry around lots of dangerous diseases, such as: tuberculosis, pseudo rabies and swine brucellosis.

In their behavior, they have the tendency to be shy around people but if they sense fear they will instantly get aggressive and become very dangerous not only for humans but also for the other animals in the area. Many countries encourage wild boar hunting in order to prevent crop and land damage.

All in all, the russian wild boar (along with the other types of boars) are very dangerous animals, a real threat for humans but also for other smaller animals. Keep in mind that hunting them is exciting but can become also very dangerous in a moment - so safety first always!