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Trophy Hog Hunting

The biggest wild boar ever caught was in Montgomery, Alabama; the boar was caught by an 11 year old boy. You are probably wondering how big the boar was: the boys father said that he weighed 1,051 pounds (approximately 477 kilos) and measured 9 feet. Information regarding this capture widely spread over the Internet.
A farmer named Phil Blissitt sold the boar just a few days before it was caught by Mike Stone and his 11 year old son. The adventure took place in early May when the two hunt for about three hours the huge animal. To kill the hog it took no more than eight shots. After intense research, it was discovered that the wild boar wasn't that wild (initially, Mike Stone affirmed that the hog was 100% wild), it was farm raised.

For a long period of time the first place was held by the Hogzilla. The hog was killed in Alapaha, Georgia, on June 17th 2004 by a hunter named Chris Griffin.

Only after they measured it they found out it was quite a big boar: 12 feet (approximately 3.6 meters) and weighed about 1,000 pounds (approximately 450 kilos). At first, due to the fact that it was enormous, it was considered to be a hoax, but pictures don't lie
In early 2005, the animal's remains were exhumed and National Geographic scientists affirmed that the Hogzilla weighed only 800 pounds (approximately 360 kilos) and was between 7.5 to and 8 feet (approximately 2.25 to 2.4 meters) long, less than it was previously said. After they have done a DNA test, they realized that Hogzilla was some sort of hybrid between a wild boar and a domestic swine. Check out the photo to realize the enormity of the animal.

These 2 creatures are indeed huge but it is only a matter of time before Hogzilla 3 will be caught. Nevertheless, trophy hog hunting can be an exciting adventure even though you won't catch the future Hogzilla 3.

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