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Wild Boar Bow Hunting

If you don't like hunting hi-tech gadgets you might consider using the rustic bow for your wild boar hunts, it can be an entire new experience that you haven't experienced yet. Hog bow hunting is very popular among amateur and experienced hunters due to the fact that it is a very interesting and different experience. In comparison with hunting with a rifle or similar weapon, hunting with a bow is way more difficult and takes a lot of practice, patience and skill.

Another aspect that you should be aware of is that wild boars are known to be very aggressive when they feel cornered so if you are looking for some adrenaline rush then bow hunting wild boars might just do the trick. Due to the fact that wild boars are considered in many places a nuisance to the environment because they do a lot of damage to wherever they go, hunting them is legal year-round in many locations. Another aspect which influenced this situation is the fact that their rate of reproduction is very high, 6 to 10.
The best time to hunt these animals is during the evening (late afternoon / early evening) because this is the period when they are most active thus increasing the hunters chances for a successful hunt. Lots of hunters like to install still hunting spots which can be baited trails to attract the boars.

A more difficult and demanding way is to stalk the hogs. During this procedure, many hunters use calling devices.

Killing wild boars with an arrow is pretty difficult because these animals have around about two and a half inches of cartilage which in many cases prevents the arrow from penetrating enough to kill the animal, thus only injuring it; this can be very dangerous because if these animals are injured they have the tendency to become very aggressive. If this situation happens, it is advisable to get as far away from the boar as possible, and hide from it until the situation calms down.

First time hog bow hunters shouldn't make the mistake of buying a very heavy bow because they won't feel comfortable using it; you must buy a bow which you feel comfortable with as you will be using it for quite a long period of time out there in the field (and not only there). Don't buy a modern, hi-tech (and expensive) bow for your first bow purchase, buy one which is as silent as possible and stable, simple yet efficient.

All in all, if you ever get tired of hunting boars using your gun, hog bow hunting can be the perfect alternative but you should take some things into consideration: it is much more difficult, more dangerous than the regular gun hunting, and you should really know how to use a bow in order to have a fruitful experience!

Hog Bow Hunting Videos