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Hog Hunting Lights

It is common knowledge among hog hunters that going out hunting during the night is the most efficient way to catch these animals. If you decide to do what the experts have been doing for years, you will need to buy a light in order to see where and when to shoot. But which one? It's recommended those that have all of their electronics fully sealed and 100% water resistant and with as much warranty as you can find. Get one that you can easily mount on a tree / tree stand, deer blind or other similar locations.

Now, you've bought one, but how do you use it? The vast majority of your hunting will be done under red feeder lights and the animals aren't able to see it. However, wild boars can see the light source, but this is not a big deal because you have the possibility to set up the red wild boar light 15 to 20 yards from your feeder, depending upon the type of light you have chosen to use. You can also purchase photocells as they will automatically bring your feeder lights on at dark and turn them off at dawn. You should use a small trolling motor battery, which in most cases are 65ah types. It can easily run your hog lights for several days, without having to recharge it. If you want a more portable solution, get a 12V battery and install a solar charger on it.

Setting up the hog light isn't rocket science. Don't forget to cover your scent when you set up the light. Most of the products come in camo paint and they will most likely have human scent on them when installed. It's recommended that you spray them by using a heavy dose or raccoon urine. Avoid using sow in heat due to the reason that hogs can very well ruin your setup by attempting to rub in it.

Top 5 Amazon Hog Hunting Lights

Below you can find some top hog hunting lights recommended by our members. Click the images of the products in order to find out more info about the products.