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How To Skin A Wild Hog

Skinning a wild boar isn't rocket science but the method takes time and patience, no need to rush or you will fail and there is no way of turning back, once the skin is ruined, you'll have to throw it away. Of course, if you don't want to do it yourself you might as well call a specialist to do the work for you in exchange for a fee.

If you are however a DIY kind of person, we strongly recommend that you follow the steps below and you will have a skin free wild boar in no time. First of all, the things you will need for completing this task: some reliable pliers, a meat hook or even a heavy duty cable and most importantly, a box cutting razor knife with extra blades bundled. After purchasing/getting the right tools, it is time to start the process.
Step 1 - you will have to hang the wild boar on a heavy yet very sturdy tree branch by its snout. You could get a heavy duty cable or any type of hook through both sides of the snout. You basically have to cable (or hook) through as much flesh as you can. Don't rush into things, take it nice and slowly so that you don't harm the skin.

Step 2 - now would be a good time to start cutting a line below the animal's ear and continuing to do so until you reach the neck, underneath the other ear. The end result must look like a necklace that is cut all the way through the boar's neck.

Step 3 - by using your handy knife, you must cut rings around the top of each of the wild boar's legs, exactly where it meets the body. After doing that, make an identical cut ring above the knee, and try to connect these two rings with a straight and shallow cut. Next start peeling off the skin using your knife to cut the fat (when necessary of course).

Step 4 - by using your razor, you will have to make a cut in 2-inch strips down the body. It's highly recommended and advisable that you start at the necklace that you made in step 2.

Step 5 - grasp the top of each of the strips of the boar's skin by using pliers and try to pull them down gently. When you start peeling off the skin strips, be very careful as there is no place for mistakes. In order to separate the skin from the animal's fat, use a knife, a sharp one if you have.

Step 6 - your last step would be to repeat the entire previous process until you remove all of the fat. It shouldn't take you very long. You should get extra blades as the tough skin of the wild boar will most likely dull the razor. You should hold the blade at an angle when cutting the hog's skin in order to avoid ruining it.

Wild boar skinning is harder than skinning whitetail deer for example, because the skin is extremely tough and will ruin the blades. This process isn't for everyone and if you consider that you are not up to the job, get the services of a professional taxidermist - more info on hog taxidermy here.